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Xpert Fit Customized Lighting Solutions, Inc. specializes in solutions! With more than 35 years of personal experience in the industry, we are truly Xperts. We can handle the simple, but we truly Xcel in the challenging.

Xpert Fit is a full service, value added supplier specializing in the lighting lens industry. We manufacture and distribute a broad variety of lighting related products and our 1st contact includes a free survey at your location to help identify how we can best help. Our manufacturing processes are efficient and streamlined to respond quickly to your needs which provides for the quickest order processing times in the industry.

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Our Products

Plastic Louvers | Parabolic or Eggcrate

ImageOne of our primary products are louvers. Our inventory includes nearly every type of parabolic or egg-crate louver in a variety of finishes or colors. Some louver patterns are available in both acrylic or styrene base materials. Parabolic louvers are available in the typical 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 grid sizes, but can also be custom manufactured to smaller or larger dimensions. When the application does require customization, our fabrication department is experienced and ready.

Aluminum Louvers | Parabolic or Eggcrate

ImageAluminum louvers are available in both parabolic and egg-crate type. Please call us for any of your standard or custom needs.

Replacement Door Frame Kits & Parts

ImageOur door frame kits can be used with fixtures mounted on grid ceilings. 2x4, 2x2 and 1x4 kits are available and all styles of lenses and louvers can be mounted within the door frame to match or change your existing ceiling configuration. One of our best selling product lines!

Sheet Materials

ImageAcrylic, polycarbonate and styrene sheet materials are available in smooth and frosted finishes or prismatic textures. Top quality .125" & .187" Premium Acrylic Prism are two of our best sellers due to their fantastic durability and resistance to sag. Many of these materials are manufactured in a variety of colors including clear, translucent and colored mirror panels. Most are readily available in sizes up to 50" x 120", some can be manufactured even larger if required. Of course, our fabrication department can custom cut and finish to your specifications.


Image100s of exact match and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lenses are stocked and available. If needed, we have extensive knowledge in shaping, forming and bending our sheet materials, and by adding flanges and special extrusions we can accommodate almost any replacement lighting lens need. With this same knowledge we can help determine a cost effective solution to update the look of your lighting without replacing your existing fixtures. Please give us a call to discuss your project.

Globes & Drop Dish

ImageOur most popular globes, drop-dish lenses and street lamp tops are kept in inventory. We have a complete line of product types in many sizes, materials or shapes. "If it is made - we can replace it. If it needs to be made - we can supply it." Please give us a call and we will serve you the Xpert Fit's way.

Specialty Products

ImageWhen it is related to the lighting lens industry, we have it: tube guards in twelve colors and accessories, retrofit louver assemblies, replacement door frame sets, moisture resistant enclosures and replacement lenses, enclosure components, bulb locks, reflectors, fixture components and other specialty items. Wire guards in all sizes and shapes, L.E.D. conversion kits. All glass, acrylic and polycarbonate sizes, in various configurations as local codes apply. Please call to discuss your application or questions.

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